INDI - Integrated NANOBODY® Database for Immunoinformatics. We automatically collect NANOBODIES® (or single domain antibodies, VHH) from heterogenous public sources. It covers Structures, Patents, GenBank [R], Next Generation Sequencing Reposiroties. You can perform sequence searches, CDR-H3 searches and text searches. In case of doubt, please refer to the documentation.

Database Statistics

17129 unique NANOBODY® patent-sequences from 843 patents. 946 unique NANOBODY® structure-sequences from 1587 PDBs. 1950 unique (non-patent) NANOBODY® GenBank-sequences from 2179 accessions. 11228600 next-generation sequencing unique NANOBODY® sequences from 7 bioprojects. 1268 sequences manually curated from 109 publications.